Risk Management in Quality Assurance

During any software project there are plenty of aspects to be considered for in depth analysis before starting the QA phase.

Our Team will provide risk-based analyses on a project basis to assess how much testing should be done and define risk involved.

We will prioritize the testing of features and functions based on the risk of failure; identify and sort functions based on their importance and likelihood, as well as their impact in the case of failure.

Our Risk Management is always going in parallels and across all stages of the SDLC and not dependent on which Methodology is used by the Company (Waterfall or Agile).

We see the QA process to be concurrent with code creation. If continuous regression is required – we will analyze if an automation solution can help keep up with test load during medium and large projects.

Our resources are virtually unlimited and we can bring on-board additional seasoned professionals and Subject Matter Experts to achieve goals and meet project timelines.


QA Project Management

Project Management

Noviur Technologies is dedicated to help organizations survive and excel in today’s global environment.

Our Project Management resources will work on IT portfolio-planning functions that are required to plan IT initiatives strategically.

Our view on ROI and Implementation of QA best practices

• Provide leadership in the improvement of testing practices
• Provide a consistent testing approach across all programs
• Reduce the cost of managing testing programs
• Meet application testing resource needs in a timely manner and manage the Enterprise
• Institute interdependencies between multifarious test initiatives to support enterprise “view” of status and reporting
• Establish measurable and “actionable” metrics to augment continuous improvement in testing
• Build a reusable knowledge repository of quality assurance and testing best practices

Our Deliverables:

• Test Governance
• Test Project Planning
• Issues Management
• Defect Management
• Vendor/SLA Management
• Methodology Presentations
• Assessment for the best suitable Test Tools.
• Data Generation and Mining
• Test Methodology
• Automation
• Performance

Quality Control and Process Optimization

 Noviur is not limited to the Quality Assurance only in Software Industry.

We are actively involved in the building QA processes and controlling QA methodologies in the manufacturing (specifically in the automotive industry).

Our staff plays roles as Quality liaison and product support at OEM, Tier 1 & Tier 2 facilities; implementation of sort, containment and rework activities; oversight and support of sorting organisation to insure activities are cost effective and efficient; non-conformance investigation and related containment activities, root cause analysis, corrective actions/error proofing recommendations, warranty review, assessment and follow-up, Business Operating Systems development and implementation, ISO9001:2008 and ISO/TS16949:2009 Standards implementation , Customer Specific: GM QSB, Ford  Q1 etc. implementation and OEM certrification support; Sub-supplier audits; engineering change support.

Our Areas of Expertise are:

  • Cost Saving Innovations
  • Manufacturing Process Optimization, Lean Manufacturing
  • Key Operating Indicators analysis and Continuous Improvement
  • Business Operating Systems, ISO9001:2008 and ISO/TS16949:2009 Standards, ISO14001:2004, Customer Specific: GM’s QSB, Toyota’s TPS, Ford’s Q1, Honda, Nissan, Daimler’s Mercedes Cars, Chrysler, Customer Specific Requirements for use with ISO/TS16949.
  • AIAG Core Tools, GD&T
  • Customer Liaison Process
  • Supplier Monitoring & Development Process
  • Problem Solving Tools: PPSR, 8D, 5P, 7Step, 5Why’s, HTP, QPR etc.
  • Roll Forming, Stamping, Welding and Machining
  • Automotive Lighting Systems
  • Industrial Paint Applications, Metal Polishing
  • Electroplating and Anodizing Processes
  • Injection Moulding Process and Assembly Process
  • Development and implementation of Plant Procedures and APQP Documentation



Mobile Platform Testing

The mobile applications market has witnessed high growth in the past few years. These applications are convenient, contextual and provide entertainment / fun to end-users. Mobile devices are challenging the personal computer (PC) as the application platform of choice.  Every player in the market is eager to tap this exponential growth by creating applications that enable everything on mobile devices right from fund transfers and location-based services to multiplayer gaming and more.

The success of these applications depends on their working seamlessly and securely. Unlike the PC environment, the mobile environment consists of varied devices with diverse hardware, software and network configurations. As this is a great challenge to development of applications, ensuring high quality and successful deployment needs a unique testing strategy.

The banking and financial services (BFS) domain is highly sensitive to sharing of information on insecure channels exposed to the open world. The mobile platform has evolved as an important channel; hence, the testing of applications that extend services on this platform is a key area of focus for organizations.

Noviur Technologies is able to apply our expertise in testing mobile applications on the following platforms:

  • HTML5
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Mobile
  • Windows 8 RT

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

In today’s world of technology, businesses need to operate at the highest capacity in order to maintain an edge over the completion.  Businesses continue to have an increasing presence online for marketing as well as internet based revenue generation.

Organization/Business have critical internal software applications that could be  compromised due to a performance issues and could cripple the efficiency of the daily routine, causing loses in revenue and reducing effectiveness to perform vital tasks.

The most common cause of these types of scenarios is that system’s parts or the system as a whole have not been tuned to meet the demands of the capacity required to perform with the number of concurrent users or volumes of data.  Is the hardware powerful enough, is the software configured for optimal efficiency to handle maximum production load?

In order to determine if your system will be able to handle maximum volumes of transactions, Performance testing should be carried out.  Performance testing will identify if there are any bottle necks.  Drill down and report on the processes that are causing bottlenecks.  Performance testing simulates real world load on your system.  A variety of tools can be uses in order to automate virtual users on the application testing side or simulate transaction messages to test individual components of the application.

Noviur Technologies can help diagnose any potential issues and provide the confidence that your application can handle whatever your business needs might be.

We provide the following Performance Testing Services:

Assess needs  for Performance Diagnostics
Our team of specialized professionals can help your project by determining if a performance test solution is necessary to tune your application.

Perform Capacity Planning
Is your application already in production, what is your projected growth? Can your application handle worst case load scenarios?

Complete Full life cycle Performance testing

  • Assessing environment
  • Tool selection
  • Gathering requirements
  • Project planning with formal documentation
  • Script development
  • Data staging
  • Diagnostics and tuning
  • Post mortem analysis
  • Formal Test Completion Reporting

QA Automation Framework

The use of an Automation Solution can be a valuable tool when running though multiple testing cycles during the projects QA lifecycle.  QA Automation can shorten testing cycles, improve accuracy and provide an unparalleled level of coverage.  In addition to Automated testing solutions, a host of QA Automation solutions are now being utilized on a variety of activates from test data creation, environment setup, production data loads.  By leveraging existing QA tool technologies, traditional manual process as well as costly custom vendor solutions can be effectively supplemented with an Automation Solution.

Testing automation tools have evolved a long way, allowing the rapid creation of complex automation frameworks that are scalable and easily maintainable.  From Industry leading tools such as HP QTP, Rational Functional Tester, Silk Test to open source tools such as Selenium IDE.  They now support almost all application technologies and 3rd party utilities.  Today there is a tool that can meet the needs of any initiative.

Noviur Technologies has successful implemented solution within wide range of Industry Domains and Technologies including: Browser based Web Apps, Client Server, Legacy Mainframe, SAP, Oracle and Siebel, Banking, Financial, Insurance, Government, Utilities.

We provide the following QA Automation Services:

  •       Assessing Need for an Automated Solution
  •       Define Automation Strategy
  •       Project planning with formal documentation
  •       Tool selection
  •       Identifying ideal Automation candidates
  •       Gathering requirements
  •       Automation Framework Development
  •       Script development
  •       Data staging
  •       Automated test execution
  •       Formal Test Completion Reporting
  •       Publishing Formal Auditable Artifacts

Data Testing & Report Validations


Data Warehouse & ETL

As more data is being collected for the following Business Analysis and for use during strategic decision-making events – testing of Data Warehouse at any point of ETL process is becoming increasingly strategically important and valuable.

Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence platforms are very complex and require special attention to overcome possible problems during ETL process and data quality vitrification.

Our testing strategy of DW/BI always contains but is not limited to:

  • Data Transformation – we verify that all that data successfully migrates through the ETL process as per defined in the Software Transformation Rules documents.
  • Data Completeness – to ensure data loads from A to Z.
  • Data Integrity
  • Data Quality – to ensure that each data case is properly handled as per defined ETL rules and distributed between corrects/ignores/rejects.
  • Regression Testing – we will always make sure that all existing functionality remained intact after each new release.

Our team is able to offer various testing solutions:

  • Fully outsource your testing needs; starting from working with your Business Analysts and moving to end-to-end planning, execution and reporting
  • Provide your existing QA Teams with our expertise by presenting our DW/ETL QA Experts, which can play a lead role in building test frameworks/methodologies and mentoring intermediate QA professionals.
  • We can train your QA team to be more efficient by using specific tools, such as:
    • Automation of manual testing efforts
    • Testing across different platforms and databases, flat files, XML
    • Working with SQL to provide 100% data testing coverage
    • Delivering reporting on all phases of testing (preparation/execution)

BI Reports Validation

  • SAP Business Objects Reports
  • IBM Cognos Reports
  • Oracle Hyperion Reports
  • Custom BI Reports